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How to upload a video to YouTube correctly

July 14, 2021

Today, we are going to walk through how to upload a video correctly to YouTube. And it's kind of one of those things, fill out all the blanks, but there are some things that people don't understand that play a big piece in the SEO of your YouTube channel. So when you log in to your YouTube channel, you will have this create video here. Now, a tool that we use is called Tube Buddy, and this is a great add-on to really help add SEO, Search Engine Optimization to your YouTube videos. So we'll get to that within this tutorial, but it's called Tube Buddy, and so right here, you're gonna click to upload your video. And after you upload your video, and it just takes a quick second since I'm doing a screen share. You're going to have an option to select the files from your computer. I'm gonna go ahead and just do this Zoom recording I had done earlier with a client, so it's gonna upload the video. Based on the length of your video, it will determine how long it takes to upload it. Okay, so once you have the video, it's processing the video, YouTube does a great job of walking you through what you should be doing, okay, so again, filling out those blanks. Learn more at

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